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Explore New Zealand


Country Information

NZ is recognised as a world class destination. New Zealand accepts foreign students at all levels of learning and there is a wide variety of subjects to choose from. The cities are quiet, clean and very beautiful with amazing scenic beauty and are ideal for studying in good environment. New Zealanders are called as Kiwi and they pre dominantly speak English. The cost of living and education is not high when you compare it to other places with the same standard of education. The country is stable and safe. It is a country of natural beauty, with a comfortable temperature and pleasant weather throughout the year.

Geographical surroundings

New Zealand is an island nation. It is known for its geographical location, isolation and beauty and approximately 1600 kilometres east of Australia. The country consists of two main islands, the North and South Islands, which are together similar in size to Japan or Britain. New Zealand’s climate is oceanic, without extremes of hot or cold. Most parts of the country enjoy ample sunshine and rainfall, although the weather is changeable. There are almost 4.3 million New Zealanders of all races, but predominantly of European and Polynesian origin. The Maori population is around 13% of the total 75% of all New Zealanders live in the North Island. English is the common language of business and everyday usage, but Maori is an official language recognized in the courts and of increasing significance nationally. You will find many Chinese, Indian families settled there.


New Zealand is an independent parliamentary democracy within the British Commonwealth. The formal head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented by a New Zealander as Governor-General. Auckland is the capital city of New Zealand and is in North Island


New Zealand has a modern and prosperous economy. New Zealand dollar is the currency used for transactions. New Zealand has a worldwide reputation for agricultural products. Meat and wool are produced from 53 million sheep, and meat and dairy products from more than 8 million cattle. Almost half of New Zealand’s export earnings are derived from farming. Other major exports are timber and timber products, fish and horticultural produce. Tourism and education have increased dramatically in significance over the past decade and are now major earners for New Zealand. Other growth areas include the application of new technology, particularly information technology, genetics and biochemistry, biomedical science, industrial chemistry and areas of high-tech physics. The New Zealand dollar is stable and has a very favourable exchange rate with most countries. One dollar equals to 32 Indian rupees

Fun and Leisure Activities

New Zealand offers access to a geographical diversity, pristine and breathtaking, suitable for outdoor activities. You can swim with dolphins, go for jet – beating, mountain biking, white water sledging, go whale watching or enjoy snowboarding. The choices are endless. There is lot to do! Common sports include rugby, netball, cricket, squash, sailing and soccer. New Zealand maintains a high professional standard in a number of sports notably sailing and rugby. New Zealand, well known for its natural beauty and for being the stunning location for many big hit films (e.g. The Lord of the Rings), offers an incredibly diverse environment. New Zealand offers geographical diversity with the several volcanos. New Zealand offers a temperate and pleasant climate through out the year. You can visit Waiheki Island, Rangitoto, coromandal or see world famous Rotorua thermal heaters.