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Pre study

We suggest you to make sure of the following essentials before you leave so that your time in New Zealand is trouble free:


It is important that the clothing you bring to New Zealand is suitable for the climate. It’s a good idea to pack a Warm sweater/ jacket/ pullover/Jersey, clear T-shirts, two pairs of sturdy jeans, one good and comfortable pair of formal leather shoes. Do not forget to include clothes, sports shoes for outdoor activity, undergarments and handkerchiefs.

Toiletries & Stationery

Toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, shaving kit, basic medicines (Vicks, Balm, Aspirin, Saridon, etc), ballpoint pens and long notebooks are enough. It is best not to bring to much of luggage otherwise you might incur excess baggage charges. Try to bring all those items which are essentials and might be expensive to buy from New Zealand.

Cooking Items

Utensils like Small cooker, fry pan, kadai (flat bottom), spices for the first few days and rest you can buy from Indian store and supermarkets available at most of the areas.
Else sometimes you might want to try plenty of Indian restaurant waiting to serve you.

Valid Indian Driving License

You can drive with this or with an International Driving Permit for a maximum of one year. Carry your Licence with you at all times while driving and drive on the left side of the road.

All academic originals, important personal documentation and any other qualification and experience certificates will be useful while renewing Visa and for other statutory requirements.

For a hassle free customs clearing please make sure you:

  • Do not carry any plant or animal materials such as the parts of plants, seeds, roots, animal food and alike.
  • Do not take dairy products such as sweets, milk, cheese etc.,
  • Items that need to be declared include:
    • Food, and the products and ingredients used for preparing food
    • Plants and parts of plants (alive or dead), including cane, straw and rattan
    • Animals (alive or dead), or products from animals, biological specimens
    • Equipment used with animals
    • Camping gear, golf clubs, hiking boots, shoes, equestrian equipment and used bicycles
    • You also need to declare cash that is in excess of NZ$10,000

Post Study:


Visa Facts:


Important Links:

It will be helpful if you visit websites mentioned below. This will help you to making right decision and perfect choices for the New Zealand.