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Concept of Permanent Residence

New Zealand citizenship gives you the same rights as people born in New Zealand, including the right to have a New Zealand passport. All citizenship procedures and enquiries are handled by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs.translation.There are two options for skilled workers to apply for New Zealand residence; the Skilled Migrant Category and the Work to Residence policy. For workers, the Skilled Migrant Category is the most direct pathway to residence in New Zealand. It is designed to make sure that those migrating to New Zealand have the skills that the country needs in a time of low unemployment and skill shortages.

This category works on a points system. Points are earned on the basis of an applicant's qualifications, work experience, age, and job or job offer in New Zealand. Bonus points can be earned if their job, job offer, or experience is in an industry which has been identified as having a skills shortage or growth potential. People who have held a Work permit under the Talent Work policy may apply for New Zealand residence under the Work to Residence policy after they have been working here for two years. Some people who hold a Talent Work permit may also earn enough points to apply for residence under the Skilled Migrant category. They could apply under the Skilled Migrant if they didn't want to wait the two year period to qualify for residence under the Work to Residence policy.

People who wish to invest in New Zealand or establish a business here can apply for Work permits under the Long Term Business category and Residence under the Entrepreneur and Investor categories.

People who have close family in New Zealand may be able to get residence through one of the Family categories. New Zealand also grants residence to a limited number of refugees and people from certain Pacific island nations, each year.